Memoirs of a Buccaneer
30 Years Before the Mast

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This page created November 6th 2011

For the last three decades, Robb (aka Hurricane) has lived a pirate’s life, traveling the world as a performer, musician, actor and storyteller. In Memoirs of a Buccaneer: 30 Years Before the Mast, he shares his many bold adventures and legendary misadventures with you.

The story begins in the early 1980s in the Pacific Northwest as the youngest member of the only known pirate entertainment troupe in the country at the time, and ends in Key West, Florida in 2011 where Robb rediscovers his love of piracy.

In the ensuing pages, you’ll find all the elements found in the epic pirate novels – lifelong friendships, historic battles, unexpected betrayal, talk of mutiny, loves found and loves lost, the pursuit of treasure, visits to exotic ports of call – and a cast of characters that are bigger than life.

All the stories are true. Often fantastic, sometimes heart wrenching, they are the sum of an entertainer’s life that has seen it all over the last 30 years. And yet somehow, he found a way to sail through the tempests and find paradise just beyond the horizon.

Through his exploits as a lovable rogue, he has touched the lives tens of thousands of children of all ages over the years. And in return, they have touched his heart in often surprising ways.

Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life in Memoirs of a Buccaneer: 30 Years Before the Mast. Grab your sword, put on your tricorn and set sail for an adventure of a lifetime with Captain Hurricane and his crew.




Publication Date: Nov 10 2011
ISBN/EAN13: 0615557929 / 9780615557922
Page Count: 432




iBooks version coming in first quarter 2012

Robb “Hurricane” Zerr

Since 1982, Robb has been a pirate entertainer, setting a course for unchartered waters and points unknown, even to himself.

These memoirs serve as a logbook of his travels over the last 30 years, the adventures he has had, the people he has met, the places he has been, and yes, the loves he [...]

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That was a helluva speed bump

We regularly got invited to events in the Northwest. It seemed that pirates could fit into any event imaginable.
Every year we received an invitation to raid a Highline High School reunion but all the guys would turn it down. I would sit aghast. Let’s see, a high school [...]

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